Rocklin Unified Seeks Substitute Teachers in Preparation for Potential Teacher Strike

by Placerville Newswire / Aug 10, 2018 / comments

[Diana Capra]

The Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD) is committed to ensuring our schools remain open and safe for our students in the event of a teacher strike.  In doing so, RUSD is offering certificated substitute teachers $425 per day to teach in the event of a teacher work stoppage. This compensation is in alignment with what it costs the district on average, per teacher, per day.

Over the last year, the district and the Rocklin Teachers Professional Association (RTPA) have been engaged in collective bargaining and unable to reach an agreement.  As part of the negotiation process, a three-member fact finding panel was convened to assist RUSD and RTPA reach a settlement. The panel included a representative from RUSD and RTPA and a neutral chairperson agreed upon by both sides. The chairperson’s role was to help secure a settlement by closely reviewing the school district’s finances and both parties’ offers.  Based on these facts, the neutral chairperson recommended a fair settlement to both parties in a Fact Finding Report issued Tuesday, July 24.  The parties met that day to continue negotiations.  Honoring the Fact Finding panel’s report, the district proposed an increase to the district’s salary offer. We had hoped to reach an agreement prior to the start of the new school year. Unfortunately, that has not occurred and the Rocklin Teachers Professional Association (RTPA) has indicated a “strike is on the table.”

“The school district agrees with the neutral Fact Finding Report’s findings. We believe this report validates the school district’s good-faith efforts to reach a fair settlement with RTPA,”  said RUSD Superintendent Roger Stock.  “The school district is ready and willing to implement the report’s recommendations. We are committed to providing our teachers and all employees with fair, competitive compensation and we want to continue to work with RTPA to reach an agreement as soon as possible,” said Stock.

The district remains optimistic and wants to work with RTPA to reach an agreement.  However, in the event RTPA approves a strike, the district is prepared to meet its responsibility to provide all of our students with a safe learning environment by keeping schools open.  For more information on the special circumstance substitute teacher recruitment, the fact finding report and negotiation updates, see our website: