Ron Briggs: Bill Center Going to Surgery after Discovery of Stage 4 Stomach Cancer

by Placerville Newswire / Aug 14, 2017 / comments

[Ron Briggs] (Image: BILL CENTER, co-founder of the American River Conservancy and a former El Dorado County supervisor)

Bill Center and I met in the early 90's... his daughter Becca and my son Rj were the same age having similar interest in swimming, drama and advanced placement classes. I spent years with Bill and Robin on the swim deck and at EDHS Studio 81 plays.

We struck a parents friendship as well as a political relationship. He was/is an activist willing to put himself on the frontline of protecting the environment and protecting El Dorado County from becoming just another suburb.

Our underlying politics were different, though I very much agree with keeping El Dorado County rural.And through my tenure at the board I sought to bring environmentalist and loggers together. Bill was my first consult for ideas on how to accomplish this.

Personally, I admire any peaceful activist no matter their cause. Activists make us think and Bill lead his causes well by forcing us to think forward about an El Dorado County 100 - 200 years from now.

Bill lead the protection of the American River and gave birth to our county's Measure Y that passed with 70% of the vote. Y provided for developers to pay their fair share.
Yes, through his role with the Planning and Conservation League and Sierra Club he successfully challenged the SOFAR project that many in this county saw as a saviour to deliver water to our county forever, along with a hydro electrical component.

I received an email this morning that Bill has Stage 4 intestinal/stomach cancer. Later this week Bill will have surgery to remove the cancer then begin chemo and other treatments. Statistically, stage 4 cancer patients have a 50/50 chance of long term survival.I pray this is the case for Bill Center.

While he may have frustrated a few, he lead the masses and I ask you too pray for his recovery and well being of his family.