Ron Briggs Makes Public his Grand Jury Compliant against Ron Mikulaco

by Placerville Newswire / Oct 22, 2016 / comments

By Ron Briggs -- As promised - below is an edit version of my letter to Grand Jury last year regarding Mikulaco..... if it jumps around, sorry.... there are many names and groups needing to remain unnamed. The ending is abrupt because the last page and a half also contains names needed to be held.

These are my firsthand interactions and please share... this "thing - mikulaco" must never hold office in El Dorado County ever again.

Regarding Supervisor Ronald Mikulaco

To The El Dorado County Grand Jury,

I am submitting this letter, in the matter of District I Supervisor Ronald Mikulaco, containing personal observations made at the time of each occurrence and documents collected regarding his behavior over the past two years from many sources.

The Grand Jury is the county’s court of last resort. I am requesting your investigation because the Board of Supervisors are frustrated from taking any corrective actions on elected officials who bully or otherwise show a persistent pattern of poor behavior and/or conduct unbecoming an elected official negatively effecting county governance, inter- county relations and most important county workers. Elected bully’s act with impunity leaving our employees helpless victims who fear for their jobs. And as recent events have shown, they are right to fear retribution from the bullying elected official.

As a member of the board, I exhausted all remedies, avenues of reason or other means of cooperation with District I Supervisor Mikulaco. Bewildered, frustrated and completely overwhelmed by the number of his profane acts, I felt my only remedy remaining was to go into his office with a baseball bat, close the door then get a couple of licks in before he pummeled me. While such thoughts are left best inside a mind I say this aloud to illustrate to the reader just how bad it is.

I am not a lawyer or a law enforcement officer therefore I cannot speak to any illegal acts. However, as a former County of El Dorado District IV Supervisor for the past eight years, my last two years in office were concurrent service with Mikulaco. In addition to the Board of Supervisors Mikuaco and I served on: El Dorado LAFCo; Transit Authority; Transportation Commission; El Dorado Water and Power Joint Powers Authority along with many sub groups of the board meeting for limited scope and time such as medical marijuana and the Mather Airport.

Suffice it to say I spent a lot of time with this man.

I understand we are all individuals, humans, often I say to people who talk about another person being weird my general tongue in cheek response being “if the world were full of normal perfect people like you and I, then it might be a better place”.

Most politicians are probably the worse type of people to become elected because they are generally egomaniacs or insecure bullys to start with. The electorate fuels their egos or gives the bully power. There are some very good politicians who use the office properly and are often the ones we do not hear about.

Mikulaco began his term by setting up a putting green in the board of supervisor hallway. He placed his clothes in the single shared bathroom often in a place forcing others to move. When they moved the clothes he would become irate. He brought in a unicycle and rode it through the board hallway into county counsel repeatedly. He would routinely place his shoes on the only kitchen table used by clerks and assistants as their break table to eat upon. There he, without pad or separation, cleaned and shined his shoes then he left. The one shared bathroom in Supervisors chambers he would defecate and leave unflushed and door open for smell to permeate throughout the hallway.

I suppose if this were a frat house these acts would be funny, expected or acceptable. But, it ain’t. We have 1,700 full time employees with a $650 million budget governed by elected officials, not elected predators or elected bullies.

A couple months into his term he came roaring into my office demanding that I fire my assistant. He was serious. I asked him why he would want such an action. He said he went into her office the day before and my assistant told him to please move out of her office and to for him to ask her boss for permission to perform the tasks he sought to assign her.

He demanded from me that she be more respectful to him and while he was present that she pay “keen” attention to what he has to say. My assistant confirmed the basic essence of the event. What MikulacAdidn’t know is she and other supervisor assistants sought relief from his demands early on.

For eighteen months I had offer to help him in his endeavors spending enormous amount of time trying to mentor him and help him be successful. Over time I became more reclusive from assistance primarily because he never wanted to do any work or as he says “get better”. I left this matter suggesting to Mikulaco that he knock before entering my assistants office and if he was afraid of being ignore then to avoid her office altogether.

He moved on, shortly thereafter he accused another Supervisors Assistant of eaves dropping and conspiring to foil him. He then ordered general services to install a “white noise” device in his office and a self-closing device on his door.

He approached my successor early last December to actively besmirch my assistant, nearly demanding from him to not continue her as District IV assistant. Mikulaco had filed a “workplace harassment” charge against her. I only know this because Mikulaco in his brag to me about getting even with her disclosed he had done so. Not taking from other assistants, my assistant is the hardest working and best operator within county government, a true and loyal professional. My successor intimated he was concerned about the conflict but overcame his concerns as he learned the truth behind Mikulaco from more and more people.

A County Department Director is disabled and dependent on two crutches for mobility. Mikulaco took the crutches from during a Board meeting and hid them, then took joy sitting at dais watching others search for the crutches. The Director lost mobility for ten minutes not to mention his humiliation as he hobbled around as he searched. Another incident during a board work shop several weeks later had Mikulaco in plain view of everyone drape used hand towels over the Directors crutches as though the crutches were designed for drying clothes. By the time others could get to the crutches to undo this disgrace, the Director had gotten up to remove the towels much to Mikulaco’s delight.

When not putting his golf balls down the hallway, Mikulaco demanded CAO Daly meet with him for two hours, three times a week and report everything going on at the county. CAO Daly responded with setting up a weekly two hour meeting which did not meet his requirements. He insisted on 3 x’s weekly for two hours. A befuddled CAO Daly asked me, as current Chairman of Board, for advice. I said I would speak with him.

A few hours later I knocked at his door asking if he had a minute. I started the conversation with how he likes things and if this was everything he thought it to be. He answer was a blank that will be filled in further in this reading. When we discussed the CAO 3x’s a week meeting I began to explain the basics of the organization and the purpose of committees and commissions and he may better benefit from reading minutes of all committees and commissions along with a study of the budget which will give him a basic understanding of the services rendered then to consider involving himself with a service that sparks his interest. Again blank.

I asked him for the first time “why do you serve?” his answer, nothing, not one word. Then I approached another way in explaining my trek into senior, children and mental health service and made all kinds of suggestions of services and topics which could use a good board member. At this point Mikulaco said “I come from nothing and therefore I have nothing to lose!”

Continuing he said ”I am a supervisor and if I want CAO to come here 3x’s a week for two hours each, then she will do it!”

I gotta admit my thoughts were incredulously fogged by his mental mania. I took one more shot at reason by asking what does he think would happen if all five supervisors made the same demand on CAO. She would be stymied and ineffective. He said he didn’t care.

This conversation lasted about ten minutes and for the first time in my entire life I felt like I had actually talked to a wall. I left the conversation saying to him that there will be push back. With his face grimaced in defiance he responded “from who? Who is going to push “ME” back? I said “me, for one.” Then I said in a final attempt to leave the conversation with a smile “Ron, be reasonable, please think about this demand, it isn’t practical particularly when there other means of accomplishing your desired goal of gathering information”

It is my opinion today Mikulaco holds women in servile contempt. As you read on CAO Daly was not isolated incident, rather she was the first of his many female victims, all highly professional and educated woman who suffered his misogynistic wrath. Like any bully, he retreated and remembered for future retribution.

After the encounter with CAO Daly, Mikulaco moved to the female Executive Director of an outside Commission. At that time I was Chairman of the Commission when a concerned Executive Director asked for help, reprieve from the unprofessional and malicious repeated acts at their office.There were a couple sessions with the Executive Director, myself and Commission Attorney (also female) leading into an ineffectual session with Commission Attorney and Mikulaco.

The Executive Director wrote a hostile workplace letter to her Commission and handed it to me. I in turn walked it over to County Human Resource Director and gave a heads up to CAO. I had hoped with an empowered HR Department the intra county protocols and procedures and even some sobriety from Mikulaco as to his actions, would resolve this and head off any future actions by Mikulaco.

The resolution was an understanding that Mikulaco must always schedule meetings with the Executive Director, no spontaneous unannounced visits to commission offices and he was never to be alone with any of the female commission personnel.

He moved on to verbal assaults against another outside Commission whose Executive Director is Latino and Mikulaco became nasty immediately. Using his entire six weeks of experience Mikulaco threw accusations and disrupted meetings challenging the Director in open and closed session. The bulk of the commissioners including myself had served with the Director for the better part of six years and we shared the statewide association of the commission that our Ex Director was in top ten in his field.

I gotta interject here. At this time I have been a supervisor for six years and never, ever experienced any extended workplace harassment or witnessed the berating from a public official toward any other person.

Much like the incident in the previous commission the end result came with Mikulaco agreeing to avoid unannounced visits at the commissions’ office and for him to at the earliest opportunity to remove himself as commissioner. He showed up for meetings scantily afterwards over a thirteen month period then this January 2015, said publically that the Commission was a good commission deserving of a new supervisor to sit upon.

In late May 2014 an anonymous letter came into my county mail box (attached) referring to Mikulaco as a “monster”.

Around March of 2014 as a result of months of work and coordination my office, myself, and Child Protective Services personnel scheduled a board presentation about Sex Trafficking in El Dorado County. We are losing one child a month to traffickers. Part of the presentation was a young woman in her early twenties who publically shared her two years of being trafficked. Most of the board teared as she spoke. Not Mikulaco.

After the presentation we took a break, I went to audience to meet a couple of presenters and as I was talking with them out of the corner of my eye I saw Mikulaco with his skeevy rat cheese eating face approach the young women 20 years his junior and I saw him hand her his county card and heard him ask her out for a date. I was and still am livid, he treaded too far and his predatory misogynist mind was expanding.

Candidly, Mikulaco prowls throughout the county through this day using our good name of El Dorado County as his calling card. It is repulsive and needs to end.

A woman who owns a business in El Dorado Hills staunchly protects her business by opposing any application by a competitor in county system. The proposed Green Valley Convenience Center is one such project. She appealed the Planning Commission’s approval to the board.

During this same time period the county was moving through a series of public meetings to evaluate Green Valley Road as it relates to transportation.

After one of the Green Valley Corridor study public meetings and before we heard woman business owner appeal, Mikulaco appears in my office to talk about process of appeal and to understand the discretion the board possessed. For a few minutes it was an engaging conversation… I should have known better.

He says “Ron, I went to a meeting last night about Green Valley Road Corridor, there were not many people in the room” he says “ lots of open chairs” then he says “She walked into the room and could have sat anywhere, but she came over and sat next to me” “Who are you talking about?” I asked. Mikulaco said “the woman business owner” he dramatically leans forward with his skeevy rat cheese eating face and says “she would do anything for my vote” The in a more dramatic fashion removes his glasses and with drool spilling out of both sides of his mouth he empathetically states “ANYTHING!”

I looked at him asked “even if she would do ANYTHING why would you risk your position or denigrate the office?” He responded with same face as above then said “because I can!”

So, now you, the Grand Jurors have the pattern of bad conduct, conduct unbecoming, no rules, no care, no fear of consequence.

The county has failed to inspire goodness and professionalism. Instead we have 1,698 fte’s who have jobs and pray or hope the bully’s do not walk by their office. This cost taxpayers money, lots of it.