Sacramento Firefighters Rescue Dog From Hot Car

by Placerville Newswire / Aug 01, 2016 / comments

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Firefighters rescued a dog from a vehicle on Wednesday.

The Sacramento Fire Department tweeted the news, along with a photo of the dog and a firefighter from Truck 2, just before 5 p.m.

In Sacramento County in 2014, three dogs were killed in a hot car with windows only cracked about an inch. A fourth dog survived but barely made it.

Many dog owners like to take their companions everywhere, but that bond can lead to dangerous situations. A new bill would allow you to smash a window to free the dog without any repercussions.

Regardless of the temperature outside, inside it could be deadly.

Proponents for Assembly bill 797, locked themselves in a car to feel the effects and say it heated up to 100 degrees in 10 minutes.

This bill would essentially allow a bystander, in good faith, to break into a car if they deem it unsafe or deadly conditions for the dog.

“They have to check that all the doors are locked and they have to contact law enforcement prior to breaking in and rescuing an animal,” said Ling Chang, Assembly Member District

Hundreds of dogs die each year. According to PETA, a parked car on a 78-degree day can heat up to 120 degrees. Then on a 90-degree day on black top, it can soar to 160 degrees in less than 10 minutes.

The bill is currently under senate judiciary committee for consideration.

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