Sacramento students, teachers to get human trafficking awareness training

by Placerville Newswire / Feb 14, 2018 / comments

[Mike Luery, KCRA Sacramento]​

"In 2008, my good friend's daughter was taken from a local grocery store in El Dorado Hills," Bryant said. "She was drugged and she was sold on Craigslist and pimped out by a trafficker. That trafficker exploited her 15 to 20 times a day in the Bay Area." The missing teen was rescued days later in the Bay ...

Thanks to a new state program brought about by the signing of AB 1227, the Human Trafficking Prevention, Education and Training Act, teachers at Sutter Middle School in Sacramento will be among the first to get training on Thursday. They will learn what signs to look for in students who may be victimized by human traffickers.

Heather Hoffman of the nonprofit group 3 Strands Global Foundation will be doing the training.

She said teachers will be trained to be on the alert for "a student who seems withdrawn in class, maybe some changes in them physically. They may be talking about having a secret boyfriend, or two cellphones. Maybe long sleeves when it's 100 degrees outside -- what are they covering up?"

California has the highest amount of human trafficking in the country ...