SLT Mayor's Conversation is about Cannabis retails sales

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 15, 2018 / comments


Join Mayor Wendy David for the April “Let’s Have a Conversation” and special guests and we’ll be talking about the retails sales of cannabis within the City of South Lake Tahoe. Join her on Wednesday, April 25th at 9am at the Senior Center located at 3050 Lake Tahoe Blvd.

City Hosts "Let's Have a Conversation with the Mayor:
Topic: Cannabis
April 25th, 9am

David said she would like to host a "Let's have a Conversation" format at local coffee establishments with herself and at least one other council member on the Wednesday's following City Council meetings.

"If anyone knows me, I believe in collaboration. I am looking forward to working as a strong five member council and it's a privilege to work with this council and with all city staff," David said.