Snowline Hospice Annual Report - 2019

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 18, 2020 / comments

[Snowline Hospice]

Thank you for your continued support of your community and Snowline. It’s been an eventful year, and we’re excited to share our updates. 

As you may remember, 2019 ushered in Snowline’s 40th anniversary! We held a wildly successful gala in April and gratefully recognized county founders whose shared vision brought this model of care to our community. 

As well, in 2019, Snowline was recognized by the California State Assembly for our impact in the community and received Elite Status from HealthCare First. The award criteria was based on Hospice survey results from the evaluation period between 2017 and 2018 based on 24 quality indicator measures. 

To see those measures, go to: 

In 2020, we find ourselves on a path of continued growth for Hospice and Supportive Care and are moving forward with Hospice Ethiopia. 

Through Global Partners in Care, Snowline has partnered with Hospice Ethiopia to assist in its mission to care for patients with serious illness. Ethiopia, like most African countries, has no Hospice Benefit. There is no government support for patients or their families in Hospice. Sadly, patients are very young, with 45 as the average age. Often, patients don’t or are unable to seek medical care until their disease is advanced, resulting in 82% of patients being diagnosed at an incurable stage. Our partnership is focused on doing everything we can to help Hospice Ethiopia meet the needs of those near the end-of-life by making their remaining days as meaningful as possible. 

In 2020, we hope for continued growth in all our endeavors. However, COVID-19 has given all of us challenges that we could not forsee. 

What will the next 40 years hold? There are many changes on the horizon, but we at Snowline are confident we will meet those changes with grace and dignity for our families and community. 

Sincerely, President Craig Kuehn and the Snowline Board of Directors