Solving The DACA Problem - Choosing Emotion or Logic?

by Placerville Newswire / Oct 16, 2017 / comments

[Dan Dellinger]
    Next to abortion, there is no other moral question weighing down our collective American soul more than how to shape our national immigration policy and reform our glacially paced immigration system. Recently, President Trump took a big step towards solving this mammoth problem by ending the Federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program which allows people who were illegally smuggled into our country as children to temporarily remain in the United States. By announcing the expiration of President Obama’s highly controversial DACA program, President Trump has given our Congress a cattle prod deadline for action. So will our Congress act on this problem by choosing emotion or logic? 

    Tugging at our heartstrings are the melancholy images of sobbing teenagers trying to get into publically subsidized American colleges and universities fearful of having to return to their homeland and being condemned to third world village life forever. Pulling from of our wallets is the $15,000 a year we California taxpayers pay out for each student enrolled in our State run elementary and high schools, or $195,000 total cost of each 13 year K-12th grade public school education.  Since many of these young people claim they can only speak English, emotionally we ask the question - can we callously ship them back to their Spanish, Chinese, or other foreign speaking homeland? On the other hand, because the families of these young men and women broke our laws to secure their children’s education, we need to contemplate a different, but logical, critical question - if a thief steals $195,000 to help start a family business or profession and the venture succeeds, should the thief be rewarded by being allowed to keep his or her illegally purloined gains?

    Current law requires that these young illegal aliens go back to their old country and begin the immigration process after a mandatory wait of three-years or longer. These young people do not believe they should be encumbered by our immigration laws and want amnesty instead. Yet such an amnesty would be completely unfair to the millions of other would be Americans following our laws and dutifully going through the legal immigration process. Perhaps a better solution would be to allow these young illegal aliens to work off the cost of their education and begin the legal immigration process through non-paid voluntary public service. So I ask our Congressional representatives, how about allowing these Americanized aliens to begin the legal immigration process after completing an unpaid three or four year enlistment in our Military, Peace Corps, or State Civilian Conservation Corps with the program providing their room and board?   


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