South Lake Tahoe Confronts Homeless Problems

by Placerville Newswire / May 01, 2017 / comments


SLTPD Homeless Issues—Informational Bulletin

Issue: Last Year, during the spring and summer months, the City received many complaints for homeless people causing safety and health problems in our parks and public areas. Some of these problems have been linked to violations of the law or City Code.

Key Locations:

  • Lakeview Commons
  • Campground by the Lake
  • Heavenly Village
  • Transit and Visitor’s Center (Heavenly Village and “Y”)


Step One
During the spring and summer months, a staff member from the Tahoe Coalition for the Homeless (TCH) will periodically check key locations, contact homeless people, offer services to those in need, provide information and guidance about the issues in some of our public spaces, and work with the homeless in a sensitive way to provide longer range solutions. Further, we have been in contact with officials from the Warm Room project (a part of the Tahoe Coalition for the Homeless) in an effort to gain access to additional volunteers for some of these same functions. Expanding this outreach effort to a pool of volunteers is currently being considered. 

Step Two
Before the season arrives, TCH staff plan to share this informational bulletin with homeless people and non-profit organizations which help the homeless. It is hoped that this proactive effort will help. Further, we are distributing this information to the public.

Step Three
City staff at parks, visitor’s center, and campground, along with police department staff will be vigilant in our efforts to patrol and take enforcement action when needed. Enforcement tools are used for flagrant misconduct or cases where voluntary compliance is not successful and violations of the law occur.

Types of Crimes:

Public Intoxication                              Creating public disturbances

Urination in public                               Aggressive panhandling

Trash violations                                   Criminal Trespassing (see below)

Trespass Laws:

For those caught committing crimes in public spaces, a trespass warning will be given. In essence, this warning disallows the person from being in the location where the crime occurred for 6 months.  

It is our goal to provide safe and clean public spaces for all to enjoy! If you see any situations in our public spaces which need our attention, please call the police department (530) 542-6100 (or 9-1-1 for emergencies).