South Lake Tahoe, Pacific Grove measures to limit vacation rentals winning

[Kathleen Pender, The SF Chronicle]

Two California tourist towns could be on the verge of banning vacation-home rentals in residential neighborhoods.

Ballot measures to phase out short-term rentals are narrowly ahead in South Lake Tahoe and well ahead in Pacific Grove. Both cities have seen a surge in vacation rentals since the advent of do-it-yourself rental sites such as and Airbnb.

Those preliminary results stand in stark contrast to a similar measure in the resort community of Palm Springs, which lost by a wide margin in June...

In South Lake Tahoe, a measure to shut down short-term rentals outside the tourist core area after three years is leading with 51.2 percent of 4,577 votes cast. That narrow 113-vote margin could change when all vote-by-mail ballots are counted. El Dorado County has up 30 days to certify the election.

The grassroots group that gathered enough signatures to place Measure T on the ballot hasn’t claimed victory.

“It’s still pretty promising at this point,” said Peggy Bourland, a leader with Tahoe Neighborhoods Group...