Southern Pacific coach 2110 donated to PSVRR by the city of Folsom!

by Placerville Newswire / Feb 14, 2020 / comments

[Placerville & Sacramento Valley Railroad]

Thank you City of Folsom!!! Tuesday Febuarary 11th 2020, the Folsom City Council passed resolution #10386 authorizing the donation of their historic Pullman commuter coach, SP 2110, to P&SVRR for restoration and excursion rail service. It is our hope to have SP 2110 in service by the end of 2020.

Southern Pacific Railroad 72-foot coach #2110 was built by Pullman Company in January 1924 and was used in commuter service on the San Francisco Peninsula between San Francisco and San Jose until its retirement in February 1969 and donation to the City of Folsom in 1970.

The car has capacity for 90 seated passengers, so adding it to our excursion train will nearly triple our current capacity and allow us to raise significantly more revenue from ridership donations to fund our operations and continue developing our excursion service.

If you support the restoration of SP 2110 and other exciting projects being undertaken by P&SVRR, consider making a donation via Facebook or visit us at