Spectra QEST Hosts Inaugural User Conference “Continued Innovation” in El Dorado Hills

by Placerville Newswire / Feb 13, 2016 / comments

The Spectra QEST hosted event inaugural User Conference entitled “Continued Innovation” was well attended and positively received.

"The User Conference was by far the most beneficial conference I have attended in my professional career.
Spectra QEST’s customers around the United States were invited to attend the three-day event which was held in El Dorado Hills, CA, from 2-4 February 2016. The conference provided attendees with insight into the company’s latest innovations, in-depth product training, and the opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow-users of Spectra QEST’s construction materials testing and geotechnical engineering software. Industry peers, both locally and from around the nation, were also invited to attend Day 1 of the conference.

Spectra QEST Executive Director, Global Sales, Stephan Mavrakis travelled to the US from Australia to open the conference and give a presentation on the company’s impressive innovations that have become industry standards today. The conference presented the launch of Spectra QEST’s version 4.1 products, the company’s latest innovation, and included a description of the Spectra QEST products roadmap by Executive Director, Technology, Dirk Janek. Dirk also hosted the first of three developer/customer sessions intended to ensure customers get the opportunity to provide the Spectra QEST development teams with direct input from users and influence key development items on the product roadmap. The conference also provided a forum where attendees could share ideas and experiences with one another as well as interact with technical Spectra QEST staff that users do not always have the chance to meet.

Spectra QEST’s Regional Vice President, North America, Dan Ridolfi said, “Our goal was to host a User Conference where we could show our customers what was coming up in the development pipeline, provide training, introduce our customers to their peers in industry, and give them an opportunity to influence future product development. I believe we achieved these goals and we all look forward to hosting the next one in the future.”

The conference was very well received by all participants, who benefitted greatly from attending. Alison Frye from SME said, “The conference was very informative and fun. I’m really looking forward to the innovations that will be coming from Spectra QEST in the near future!” With Britt Clubb from Professional Engineering Consultants stating, “The User Conference was by far the most beneficial conference I have attended in my professional career. The open format allowed discussions to take place not just related to Spectra QEST or QESTLab, but as an industry as a whole, which provided new insights related to running a construction materials and geotechnical engineering firm.”