State Senate 1

by Placerville Newswire / Oct 10, 2016 / comments

State Senate District 1

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Ted Gaines (Rep)Small-business owner

Rob Rowen (Dem)Retired business owner

Age 58

Birthplace (city) Sacramento

Residence (city) El Dorado Hills

Campaign address PO BOX 984
Willows CA 95988

Campaign telephone (916) 813-5209

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Education: Bachelor's degree, business, Lewis & Clark College, 1981.

Experience: Owner, Gaines Insurance, 2011-present; member, California State Senate, 2011-present; member, California State Assembly, 2006-2011; member, Placer County Board of Supervisors, 2001-2006.

Incumbent? Yes


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Address PO BOX 984
Willows CA 95988

Campaign Phone (916) 813-5209


Age 51

Birthplace (city) Eureka

Residence (city) Cottonwood

Campaign address P.O. Box 1561
Cottonwood, CA. 96022

Campaign telephone (530) 953-5391

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Education: Bachelor's degree, social science, 2010; associate's degree, Shasta College, 1998

Experience: Chair, Democratic Central Committee of Shasta County, 2014-present; vice-chair, 2012-2014; Shasta County representative, California Democratic Party Executive Board.

Incumbent? No


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Address P.O. Box 1561

Campaign Phone (530) 953-5392




What should the state do next with the high-speed rail program? Explain.

Ted Gaines: High-speed rail is a huge waste of money. California should stop this boondoggle immediately and return all money to the taxpayers.

Rob Rowen: Living in and seeking to represent rural residents, I would need to sit down and see how this proposed high-speed rail system would benefit the people in my district. My support would have to come from jobs created for people living in my district.

Explain your position on the twin tunnels and describe any changes in California's water management you support.

Ted Gaines: I oppose the twin tunnels proposal. This is just another needless waste of taxpayer dollars. We need to invest in above-ground water storage now and protect our area-of-origin water rights in Northern California.

Rob Rowen: The northern regions of our state have been supplying the vast majority of the state's water supply for decades; we need to address storage, and how source counties are reimbursed for their resources. We need to address rural issues, water being one.

Explain your position on the issue of recreational marijuana.

Ted Gaines: I am opposed to the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes.

Rob Rowen: Adults should have the freedom to choose what they want to put in their bodies; alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, these are personal freedom issues with me. I want production to remain with local "small" producers, not corporate America.

What specific spending or tax changes would you push for if elected to the Legislature?

Ted Gaines: Our taxes are too high and the government spends too much. If elected, I will fight for spending reductions and tax cuts, and will work to stop any tax increases.

Rob Rowen: Middle class and upper-middle class are shouldering the tax burden, along with small-business owners and the self-employed. We need to provide tax relief for these people. Corporate America and the wealthy are not paying a fair effective tax rate.

Give one example of how you would change a social service program in California.

Ted Gaines: Our foster care system is broken and needs strict oversight and reforms. We need to make changes to put the rights of the child first and immediately lift the veil of secrecy that clouds this vital program.

Rob Rowen: Until we address the living-wage issue, we must provide a pathway that makes working something that is feasible for low-wage working families. Child care is part of that pathway. In-home health care actually saves us the cost of institutional care.