Struggling to make ends meet? The The Food Bank of El Dorado County is here to Help

by Placerville Newswire / Dec 16, 2016 / comments

The holiday season is here! A Joyous time of the year that most people look forward to but it can be a time of sadness and depression for some of our neighbors who struggle to make ends meet.

Many local residents are asking themselves right now, “How am I going to provide a holiday meal, gifts for my children and still pay the rent and bills at the end of the month?”

This year, your local Food Bank is busy planning and working with the community to reach out to this struggling population.

Every Christmas season in El Dorado County something special happens. Individuals, families, church groups, service clubs, local businesses, scouts and many more all come together in one common cause, to ease the burden on our local neighbors that struggle to make ends meet, by providing all the fixings for a good Christmas dinner to over 1,000 local at risk families.

The Food Bank of El Dorado County host The Annual Holiday Outreach. The El Dorado Sherriff’s Dept. Star volunteers will deliver food baskets to local homebound residents, and local Veterans Organizations will make sure all Vets in El Dorado County have a good holiday meal for them and their family.

The outreach itself will take place on Dec 16th - 17th at The Food Bank of El Dorado County’s new distribution warehouse in Cameron Park.  The Food Bank of El Dorado County will be hosting it’s Annual Holiday Outreach Program on Friday & Saturday, December 16th-17th at The Food Bank’s distribution facility located at 4550 Business Drive in Cameron Park.

To receive holiday assistance all recipients must be from low income households who are struggling to make ends meet and would otherwise go without a holiday meal for their family.


NO pre-registration is required.

Eligible individuals simply need to arrive at the Food Bank at their scheduled day and time. To determine your scheduled pick up time, please match the first letter of your last name with the times shown below. Please bring valid photo ID reflecting residence in El Dorado County.

[First Letter of your Last name. For Example, If Your Last Name Is “Smith” You Would Need To Arrive On December 17th At 12pm]
A,B,C - Friday, December 16 at 10am-11:00am... 
D,E,F - Friday, December 16 at 11:00am-12pm... 
G,H,I - Friday, December 16 at 12pm-1:00pm... 
J,K,L - Friday, December 16 at 1:00pm-2:00pm... 

M,N,O - Saturday, December 17 at 10am-11:00am
P,Q,R - Saturday, December 17 at 11:00am-12pm... 
S,T,U,V - Saturday, December 17 at 12pm-1:00pm... 
X,W,YZ - Saturday, December 17 at 1:00pm-2:00pm... 

The Food Bank of El Dorado County appreciates all of its community partners and volunteers for making this Holiday Outreach possible.

Volunteer, Donate Food, Make a Monetary Contribution contact us online at or by calling 530-621-9950. Contributions can be mailed to the Food Bank of El Dorado County at 4550 Business Dr., Cameron Park, CA 9568. For more information on volunteering, please contact the Food Bank of El Dorado County at (530) 621-9950 or by email at

The Food Bank of El Dorado County is "Preventing Hunger, Providing Hope"