Supporters Show Up at McClintock Town Hall Meeting to Support Trump Agenda

by Placerville Newswire / Mar 04, 2017 / comments

Republican Rep. Tom McClintock hosted a Town Hall Meeting at Oak Ridge High School in El Dorado Hills that was expected to draw many anti-Trump protesters.  Although McClintock has not been specifically targeted, Democratic activist are organized nationwide to protest every Republican Town Hall meeting.  Last month's McClintock Town Hall meeting in Roseville had so many unruly protesters that the County Sheriff asked to escort McClintock out of the riotous situation.  

This week's meeting in El Dorado Hill drew the expected out-of-area organized protesters, but among over 1,500 people that crowded the event included a large grass-roots turnout of McClintock's supporters to show support for their elected representatives.

On a Conservative-leaning facebook group of El Dorado county political minded citizens a post was made a week earlier about the coming meeting with this comment,

"Conservatives and/or Trump supporters, Let's get to this meeting and show the Congressman Tom McClintock that we have his back against the looney left."

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Some responded:

Joe Rooney, "I'll try to make it. Better be prepared."
February 28 at 7:27am

Phil Veerkamp, "Courage"
February 28 at 8:23am

Deanna Wise, "I'll try to make it."
February 28 at 8:34am

Kristin Nap, "See you there."
February 28 at 8:35am

Soon a grassroots movement formed to support both Tom McClintock and also to support President Trump's agenda.  Trump won the majority of votes in El Dorado county for his presidential campaign.  

Rick.Eddy reports:

"I was at another one of Tom McClintocks town hall meetings again today in Eldorado hills ca. What a crowd! There must have been 500 crazy screaming people from out of town there yelling, chanting and disrupting the 2 hour meeting. Tom had to continually try to calm them down! This time our local sheriff John D'Agostini had at least 30 peace officers along with several state police. What I saw was a bunch of ungrateful whining bunch of snowflakes! They came with the same questions. All rehearsed speakers. I also noticed they put zip codes on all their red cards and signs with local zip codes. Why? Because they have been accused of coming from the bay area. Well its true! According to Toms people they are the same bunch from the last 3 town halls! Some had signs saying " not a paid activist" Another lie. luckily we had a good showing from State of Jefferson, tea party, and some of our local miners to offset it. I would say about 2/3s meaning 65% protestors to 35 percent local. Man, they sure are a bunch of hateful people! Monday I have an invitation only meeting with Tom McClintock. No snowflakes allowed, thank god. I will let you all know how that goes. All for now Rick.Eddy."

The liberal-leaning SacBee reported of the event: 

"About two-thirds of those who filled the auditorium bleachers at Oak Ridge High came to express concerns about major policy shifts being pushed by President Donald Trump’s new administration. But this time, the town hall also drew a number of people there to express support for Trump and McClintock, including a contingent from the State of Jefferson, a conservative movement that advocates for a large swath of rural Northern California to break away from the rest of the state..."

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