Tahoe casinos close fiscal year Down 12% and 4.2%

[NN Business]

CARSON CITY, Nev. — South Shore casinos at Lake Tahoe did not have a strong June. They reported $16.5 million, down 12.1 percent or $2.3 million. There the problem was slots that reported a 24.9 percent decrease compared to a year ago — the story was the hold percentage, which dropped to 5.3 percent compared to 6.8 percent.

Lawton said table games tried to make up the loss. Win there was up 37.1 percent or $1.4 million. That was fueled by a 103.6 percent, $745,000 increase in the “Other Games” category. That’s the category where Baccarat is counted in Nevada’s smaller markets. Volume of play was up 29 percent and the hold percentage a whopping 28 percent.

North Shore casinos at Crystal Bay/Incline Village won $2.1 million. That is a 4.2 percent, $94,000 decrease compared to a year ago, though the area was up against a moderately tough comparison since win was up 5 percent last June. Game and Table win was the culprit, falling 30.2 percent, or $152,000. Primarily, that’s because of the 37 percent decrease in “21” win. ...

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