Tahoe Farm Day

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Farm Days are fun, hands-on field trips where lessons of agriculture and its role in our everyday lives, our county, and its economy are taught in the context of local farms, ranches, forests, and watersheds. Registration is available to all 3rd grade classes in El Dorado County.

Students and teachers experience the sights, sounds, smells and feels of agriculture at Farm Day. Throughout the day, students and their teachers rotate to 6-8 different learning stations to learn about farms, natural resources, food, nutrition and animals.

Learning Stations are presented by organizations, businesses, and persons who are experts in their field. Some topics include:

local produce, food preservation;
worm composting, soil;
working animals – horses, goats;
food animals – poultry, cattle, pigs;
animals that provide fiber –;
alpaca, llama, sheep;
invasive and beneficial insects;
milk and dairy;
resources from healthy forests;
organic pest management;
watersheds, irrigation;
land stewardship;
…and much more teaching students where their food, fiber, and shelter comes from.

Invitation only. Pre Registration required. 
Public · Hosted by El Dorado County Ag in the Classroom
Tuesday, September 19 at 9:45 AM - 1 PM
El Dorado County Ag in the Classroom
Shingle Springs, California 95682

If you have any questions regarding South Lake Tahoe Farm Day, please contact Britney Patterson, Program Coordinator at b.patterson@agintheclass-edc.org or online at http://agintheclass-edc.org/programs-resources/farm-day/

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