Tahoe Wellness Cooperative temporarily shuts doors after state denies license

[Claire Cudahy]

After being denied a state license that would allow Tahoe Wellness Cooperative to operate as a for-profit business, South Lake Tahoe's lone medical marijuana dispensary shut its doors — then reopened them just a day later.

It's a confusing turn of events that began on Dec. 31 when TWC executive director Cody Bass announced on Facebook that the dispensary had received its Medicinal Microbusiness Temporary License from the California Bureau of Cannabis Control.

However, a week later TWC received a letter from the bureau dated Jan. 5 telling the dispensary that after review of the application and supporting documentation, the temporary license was invalid because they "have not been authorized by the local jurisdiction to conduct the commercial cannabis activity for which you have applied."

"The local government did not want to ...