Tahoe's New Fire Boat a Floating Force

[Cassandra Walder, Tahoe Quarterly]

Other local agencies are following suit. South Lake Tahoe recently acquired a rescue boat with an inflatable hull and smaller capacity for firefighting. ...

If Marine 24 had been on the water in August 2016, the paddle wheels of the famed Tahoe Queen may still be turning.

Tahoe-Douglas Fire Protection District’s new Lake Assault Boat was designed to respond to incidents like the blaze that severely damaged the popular tourist cruise boat and injured two workers on board.

“It’s basically a floating fire hydrant and fire engine with almost unlimited water supply,” says Tahoe-Douglas Fire Marshal Eric Guevin.

Unlike anything on the waters of Lake Tahoe, the boat can pump up to 1,800 gallons of water per minute to fight fires both on the water and on the shoreline, drawing water from the lake to provide fire protection for the 128 residences within the district who currently don’t have water access or a fire hydrant...