Take down hammocks and nets so bucks don’t get tangled up

by Placerville Newswire / Sep 16, 2019 / comments

 <Dave Cook‎>

I received a call this morning about this buck that was tangled up in what appeared to be a volleyball net that was then hooked on a
barbed wire fence. This call ended well as Fish & Wildlife darted him so that he could be freed but it made me think that now is the
right time to repost what I posted last year (below) asking folks to take down hammocks, volleyball nets or any similar material when
not in use so that bucks don’t get tangled up and possibly break their necks trying to get free. Thanks much!

Here’s another reminder to any of you who have hammocks, volleyball nets, or any similar material in which a buck may get his
antlers tangled up. I got a call on this buck yesterday morning and worked with Animal Services Officer David to free this big boy up.

This case ended well and the buck ran off uninjured (although not before he gored both David & me!) but bucks can break their necks
while struggling. Please take such materials down when not in use in late summer & fall when the bucks are wearing a full set of
antlers. They will appreciate it and so will rescuers like David & me who might get hurt trying to help them! Thanks for your