Taking a Break from Chores to Get Chatted Up by Casanova with a Walker

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 15, 2018 / comments

[JoAnn Ehler, North Placerville]

Took Chy to work then ran to grocery outlet real quick n I see this old man with walker struggling to get something so I help him n get to talking with him!!!!

He tells me im “built like a real woman should b Short n Full of Curves!!!!” So I laughed n said “ok Casanova!” 

When I’m leaving I see him pushing his walker with his groceries out of parking lot so I pull up next to him n say “alright Casanova let me give you a ride home!” 

He said only if he can buy me a cup of coffee on the way! We stopped n got coffee n talked for about 30-45mins at coffee shop he told me all about coming from Mexico as a teenager n how he lived most of his life n San Pablo (where my daddy grew up) n how his son was killed n car accident n how 2 of his 3 grandsons are n prison! His 3rd grandson lives in Richmond still n doesn’t visit often. 

Then when I drop him off at his assisted living place he says “it’s been years since I spent the morning with a beautiful lady with curves n kind eyes!” 

Hahahaha I’m sure he sweet talks all them old ladies n that assisted living place!!!!

Seriously tho, he made my day.  It was nice taking a min to stop running errands n sit n talk with him.