Taxpayers Association Opposes Measure B

by Placerville Newswire / Jul 29, 2019 / comments

[Taxpayers Association of El Dorado County]

Here is what the supporters aren't telling you --

• NO expiration date in the Measure making $96 a permanent tax. This makes it  difficult to repeal if the tax is misspent or not achieving what was promised. 

• NO clarity. The widely distributed colored flier says, "SUPPORT PUBLIC SAFETY"  for "more fire fighters, better equipment, more paramedics", but FAILS TO TELL THE PUBLIC THAT IT IMPOSES A $96 PARCEL TAX. 

• NO details in the Measure on how they plan to provide independent citizens oversight. It could be as little as an annual report from the Fire Chief to their own board. Not what we believe is an independent citizens committee. 

• NO specific description of the benefits defined or limited in the Measure. Money can be used for almost anything, i.e., increased personnel salary and retirement benefits. 

If the District can prove they need more tax money, they should draft a new measure which adequately identifies both specific benefits and accountability. 

Vote No on Measure B.  It will be mail ballots, so please get yours back to Elections by August 27th