Top of the Line Bulls and Fearless Cowboys Combine for Spectacular Bull Riding

by Placerville Newswire / Jun 12, 2016 / comments

Humpz & Hornz Bull Riding takes place Friday night at the Grandstands

A good bull ride is symbiotic and competitive at the same time. Part pitted warfare between man and beast, part beautiful partnership—where for a mere eight seconds the two become one. 
Cowboys endure cracked ribs and plenty more for the chance to achieve the high…to feel it even once. 

They hope and pray to pick the bull named “Little Hummer” or “Slim Slam,” so they get their shot at a perfect ride, because even if they stay on for the full eight seconds, none of it matters unless they also have an outstanding animal.
"A true cowboy wants as wild and feisty a bull as possible so they have a chance to win,” says Wes Ibrahimi whose Humpz and Hornz Ranch is known among bull riders to have top of the line stock. 
“Good bulls bring the best out of the riders and good riders do the same for the bulls."
A really good bull, the one that gets good scoring and the one a rider hopes he’ll pick, doesn’t just buck a lot. He spins and kicks and puts his whole heart into knocking the rider off. 
“The really good ones have it in their blood and you can see it early on,” says Ibrahimi.
Humpz & Hornz bulls are raised and exercised on Ibrahimi’s 50 acre ranch in La Grande. They’re worked daily and receive excellent feed. Early on they go through a screening process to see whether they truly have the passion to buck and buck to win. Ibrahimi says it’s important that they have a chance to be successful—by bucking the rider off—so they build confidence.
“We treat our animals well because when they are in good shape they perform well, which is in everyone’s best interest.”
Humpz & Hornz is a Professional Bull Riders Contractor (PRC), with upwards of 70 bulls in the herd, including such high scorers as Spartacus, Funky Music, Slim Slam and Little Hummer. 
In bull riding, both the rider and the bull are judged on a one to 25 scale by two judges, with a possible total score of 50 points for each. A 22-point bull is considered a good bull, which equals a 44 point score between the two judges. Ibrahimi’s bulls have a history of reaching these high scores.
“A total ride score over 80 is very good and a 90-point ride is considered outstanding. A rider can't get that without an excellent animal,” says Ibrahimi. 
It’s the thrill of that possibility that convinces most cowboys to climb aboard a bucking animal that weighs nearly a ton and comes equipped with horns. 
On Friday, June 17 at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds, dozens of cowboys will attempt to ride Wes Ibrahimi’s bulls. They’ll vie for the small chance at a little bit of prize money, a silver buckle and a perfect eight seconds. Many of us might consider it a foolhardy act, but they’ll do it for the love of it, pure and simple. 

Just the Facts
Humpz & Horns Bull Riding
Friday, June 17 at 8pm
Grandstands, El Dorado County Fair
Included with admission to the Fair
Who/What:                           El Dorado County Fair, “Cowboys & Carousels”
When:                                       Thursday, June 16 – Father’s Day, Sunday June 19
Where:                                     El Dorado County Fair & Event Center, 100 Placerville Drive, Placerville, CA
Tickets:                                   Pre-sale: $8-Regular, $6 Junior & Senior; During the Fair: $10-Regular, $7 Junior & Senior. Attendees with active duty military ID get in FREE. Parking $6 per car or take the free shuttle. (Check our website for details.)