Trailhead Fire Update - Progress means evacuation Placer County Shelter now Closed

by Placerville Newswire / Jul 03, 2016 / comments

July 3, 2016 at 9:43 AM

Both Air Attack 17 and the USFS Cobra are over the fire.

July 3, 2016 at 8:39 AM

No structures have been damaged or destroyed by the Trailhead Fire. On the Placer County side of the fire, all containment lines lines held well overnight. Crews continue to patrol and monitor fire lines carefully, and to mop up fire lines to ensure that the fire near t hem is out. They will continue today. Residents in Todd Valley remain under a voluntary evacuation, and should remain vigilant as there is still open line fire line across the narrow, steep American River canyon. The Red Cross has now closed the evacuation shelter on the Placer County side of the fire but are prepared to reopen if needed.

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On the El Dorado County side of the fire, firefighters worked overnight, using favorable night time temperatures and higher humidity to fire off of existing containment lines. They have now completed line from west of Jakeys Hill west to Buckeye Point and eventually to the river. Several type one hand crews [Hotshots) also worked to burn down to the river bottom to lower the energy of the fire as it backs toward t he river, lessening the chance that it will cross the river and run up the dry, south-facing slope opposite. Those crews remained at the river overnight to continue to monitor and hold the fire. Several spot fires were observed, but firefighters were able to pick them up and hold the fire at the American River, an important operational objective. They will continue that work today.

In the Volcanoville area, crews continued to strengthen lines west of the community, and to assess and triage structures in the areas around Volcanoville, Kentucky Flat and Bottle Hill. They will work to hold and improve lines today. A mandatory evacuation order is in effect for these areas.

Yesterday, crews strengthened and reinforced containment lines across Missouri Canyon south toward Breedlove Road, and then turned west toward Little Bald Mountain, working around . Crews conducted firing operations off this line, strengthening the containment line to over 1000′ in some places. The fire s.

Weather conditions today are expected to be similar to yesterday. Predictable conditions and the stable atmosphere is helping firefighters, with terrain-driven winds moving upslope, up canyon by mid-morning, and down slope, down-canyon by the evening. Settling smoke in the canyons may affect air quality. For local county air quality information, please visit .cfm.

The only campground directly affected by the fire is Dru Barner in the Georgetown Ranger District which is within the closure area. No roads or campgrounds are closed in the Tahoe National Forest due to this fire. Access to the Middle Fork of the American River From Oxbow Reservoir put in to Ruck-A-Chucky take out is temporarily closed to protect firefighter and public safety. Please see the full closure order on the website for more information.


Placer County mandatory evacuations have been downgraded to advisory. Only residents with photo ID will be allowed beyond the staffed roadblocks. Residents are advised that there is still active fire and uncontained fireline across the river canyon. The evacuation order could be elevated to mandatory at any time; be ready and prepared. Residents should be aware of increased traffic due to firefighters and equipment in the Todd Valley area.

An advisory evacuation order is in place for all homes east of Green Ridge Road to Oakwood Lane to Nugget Drive, Skyview Terrace Mobile Home Park, Oak Wood Court, Vinewood Court, Trail Head Court, Green Pine Court, Alton Trail Court, Gray Court, Tevis Court, and White Tail Court and homes to the west of the above.
El Dorado County mandatory evacuations: El Dorado County residents can visit the El Dorado County sheriff’s information website for the most updated evacuation information ( El Dorado County is also staffing an emergency information hotline (530-642-7263) from 8 am to 8 pm. The following areas are under a mandatory evacuation:

– El Dorado County: Air Shaft, Antwine, Bear Flat, Bear Flat South, Bottle Hill, Bottle Hill Road, Bottle Hill Bypass, Breedlove Road, East side of from Canyon Creek to Bottle Hill, North of Canyon Creek, East from the intersection of Cement Hill Road, Dru Barner, Earthsong Lane, Four Wheeler Drive, Garden Tower Lane, N Hyder, S Hyder, Jinnor, Kelliher, La Cresta Drive, Little Miner, Mameluke Hill Road, Mining Claim, Miners Delight, Otter Creek Road, South of Otter Creek, South of Otter Creek, Paymaster Loop, Roanoak, Rowdy Road, Slow Go Road, Stag Lane, Strawn, Tierra Lane, North of Wentworth Springs Road, NF 13N16a.

– Volcanoville area: 4 Wheel Drive Road, Bear State Road, Bearfoot Road, Breedlove Road, North of Bottle Hill Road, Bojac Court, Cassill Mine Road, Cecil Lane, Cedar Maddone Road, Christmas Tree Lane, Country Court, Country Road, Dusty Camp Road, Dusty Mine Road, El Bosque Place, Haven Ridge Road, Haven Ridge Court, Hobby Horse Lane, Kentucky Flat Road, Lake Avenue, Lofty Peak Lane, Merkel Drive, Mosswood Road, Narrow Way, Pay Master Mine Road, Ringtale Road, Shotgun Lane, Spring Tunnel Mine Road, Spirit Creek, Star Lake, Sticker Bush Trail, Sunset Peak Lane, Tall Timber Road, Thumper Lane, Tin Ranch Road, Tinsel Trail, Tipten Hill Court, Tullamore Lane, Wolfridge Road, Volcanoville Road, and an unnamed road (west of Volcanoville Road) Possibly Cock Robin Road.

Placer County road closures:

– Nugget Drive and Oakwood Lane is restricted to residents only.

El Dorado County road closures:

– Bottle Hill Road at Wentworth Springs Road
– Mameluke Hill Road at Canyon Creek
– Breedlove at Canyon Creek
– Volcanoville Road

Additional Information:

A shelter for El Dorado County evacuees and small animals is at Golden Sierra High School, 5101 Garden Valley Road, Garden Valley. All large animals need to be transported to 1100 Cold Springs Road, where Animal Services has arranged for accommodations (530-621-5795).