To Try to Save Client's Life, a Lawyer Ignored His Wishes. Can He Do That?

[JEFFERY C. MAYS, New York Times]

“As a kid, Larry was looking out for his community, even though I was a total stranger,” Mr. Collier, a retired Ford Motor Company executive, said in a phone interview from his home in El Dorado Hills, Calif. The two enrolled in the Army together after graduating from high school to escape what they were ...

Larry English left the Louisiana courtroom knowing that he had tried his last criminal case.

His attempt to save his client’s life had failed. Over repeated objections from his client, Robert McCoy, who insisted on his innocence, Mr. English had told the jury that Mr. McCoy was “crazy” and had killed three people. The jury’s verdict was death.

“I walked out of that courtroom saying I could never put myself through that again, emotionally,” Mr. English said during ...