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El Dorado County, the city of Placerville, local residents and businesses, and recreational travelers have long faced a seemingly insurmountable challenge of heavy traffic congestion on US 50 from the western edge of Placerville to South Lake Tahoe. To improve challenging traffic conditions, Caltrans District 3 has initiated the Recreation Travel Hot Spot Transportation Management Study (Study) which will identify, evaluate, and recommend traffic management strategies to improve trip reliability, safety, and congestion all the way to the Nevada State line. Strategies will focus on managing and controlling travel and traffic demand using both state-of-the-art technology and other transportation management best practices. Recommendations may include updated signal-timing technologies, improvement plans, increased capacity options, and life-cycle benefit-cost analyses. Signal operations at-grade intersection conflicts, parallel road capacity, and emergency vehicle access will also be evaluated during both peak and non-peak seasons. The Study will break the corridor into segments, one of which is in the City of Placerville between Missouri Flat Road and Upper Carson Road.


In conjunction with this study, EDCTC is implementing a public engagement process that will allow local community members to provide their input throughout the Study process. EDCTC has identified and formed a Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) composed of local business and property owners, community-based organizations, and other key stakeholders. In addition to the SAC, EDCTC will host both online and in-person community workshops. To receive notifications about this project, please sign up here.

Hot Spot Timeline

Work Activities
1. Project initiation, fiscal management, and
consultant procurement — FY 18/19
2. Study kickoff and stakeholder engagement
August-September 30, 2018
3. Public engagement preparation
September-February 2018
4. Public engagement workshops
November 2018-August 2019
5. Public engagement summary report
September 2018-January 2019

End Products
1.    Draft Summary Report
2.    Final Summary Report

Completion Schedule
Staff Responsible for this Work Element: Executive Director

Project Begins: July 1, 2018 Completion: June 30, 2019

Work Element Budget
EDCTC $5,000
RPA Grant 2018/19 $45,000

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