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US Representative District 4

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Tom McClintock (R) U.S. representative

Robert W. Derlet (D) Physician

Age 60

Birthplace (city) White Plains, NY

Residence (city) Elk Grove

Campaign address PO Box 1198
Rocklin, CA 95677

Campaign telephone (530) 613-1188

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Education Bachelor's degree, political science, UCLA, 1978.

Experience United States representative, 2009-present; California state senator, 2000-08; California state assemblyman, 1982-92, 1996-2000.

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Address PO Box 1198
Rocklin, CA 95677

Campaign Phone (530) 613-1188

Age 67

Birthplace (city) Los Angeles

Residence (city) Sonora

Campaign addressPO Box 4663
Eldorado Hills, CA 95762

Campaign telephone (916) 836-6108


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Education Medical degree, UC San Francisco, 1975; bachelor's degree, biology, UC Santa Cruz, 1971.

Experience Professor emeritus, UC Davis School of Medicine, 2008-present; professor, UC Davis, 1986-2008; chief of staff, UC Davis Medical Center, 1998-2000; chief of emergency medicine, UC Davis Medical Center, 1986-2004.


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Address PO Box 739
Twain Harte, CA 95383

Campaign Phone (916) 836-6108





Describe the rights, privileges or government services you would reserve for citizens.

Tom McClintock: The Bee confuses legal and illegal immigration. Legal immigration requires assimilation; illegal immigration undermines it. Those here illegally have no claim to the rights and privileges of citizenship or government services.

Robert W. Derlet: Voting in federal elections, jury duty and serving in an elected federal office should be reserved for citizens.

Explain how the TPP would help or hurt efforts to bring jobs to the region.

Tom McClintock: I have not yet reviewed the TPP. Generally speaking, free trade benefits the economies of all nations that engage in it by providing lower prices to consumers and higher wages to workers.

Robert W. Derlet: TPP would result in a loss of jobs.

Explain what specific approaches you support to deal with the Islamic State.

Tom McClintock: We should supply local forces such as the Kurdish Peshmerga with the arms they need to eradicate the Islamic State and stop admitting refugees from that region whose intentions we cannot verify.

Robert W. Derlet: Candidate response is not yet available.

Describe any specific federal gun policies or weapons restrictions you would change.

Tom McClintock: The biggest assault on the Second Amendment comes from regulations that make it increasingly difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain ammunition and for legitimate dealers to do business.

Robert W. Derlet: Support for Second Amendment rights. Step up background checks and close loopholes. Congress should also adapt legislation that permits the Centers for Disease Control to conduct scientific research on gun safety measures.

How would you replace or alter the federal health care law? Explain.

Tom McClintock: Obamacare has caused massive premium increases and cost millions of Americans the health plans and doctors they preferred. I favor restoring to individual families the means and the freedom to select the plan that best meets their needs.

Robert W. Derlet: Move toward single payer by first offering Medicare to all persons over age 55. Limit dollars insurance companies can retain to 10 percent or less. Limit deductibles to $500. Make the Affordable Care Act voluntary. Limit prescription drug costs.

Describe any federal policies addressing climate change you would alter.

Tom McClintock: The planet has been warming (on and off) since the last ice age, and whether or not we cripple our economy with crushing carbon taxes and sky-high energy prices, the planet will continue to warm and cool as it has for billions of years

Robert W. Derlet: Move more rapidly toward solar and wind power. More rapidly to increase plug-in electric vehicles and public recharge stations.