Vice Mayor of Paradise, Greg Bolin gets 67,000 dollars from Placerville Rotary Club Fundraiser

by Placerville Newswire / Nov 26, 2018 / comments

[Wendy Thomas]
You came out in force, El Dorado County, for the Camp Fire Fundraiser put on by the Placerville Rotary Club. It was wonderful to gather as a community in support of our neighboring community of Paradise. We had the pleasure of meeting the Vice Mayor of Paradise, Greg Bolin, who talked about the immense devastation in Paradise. Here are a few things we learned:

1) 67% of the revenue to run the town of Paradise came from property taxes. That revenue is now greatly diminished.

2) Paradise has no sewer system. Everything was on septic. That is a tremendous challenge, with no money to pay for it. The Town Council is asking for assistance from the Federal and State government.

3) Many of Paradise's residents were renters with no renter's insurance. They have nothing.

4) Paradise had an evacuation plan that worked well. However, it was not equal to the intensity of the fire.

5) A large majority of residents in Paradise were seniors with very few options.

6) Two days before the fire, Paradise passed a half cent sales tax to pay for needed police and city resources. Now, there is no sales tax revenue.

7) The most important thing in rebuilding a community is to open schools and rebuild churches where people gather and find support. Paradise will be figuring out how to do just that.

Greg expressed how your generosity is felt and appreciated.

There are a lot of wonderful local efforts to support Paradise, which is wonderful as the need is SO GREAT.

The proceeds from (Last Nights's) Rotary fundraiser will be channeled to the Paradise Rotary. Well done Placerville Rotary Club. You continue to bless and serve, not only our community, but our neighbors.

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