Voter Receives Two Ballots After Renewing Driver’s License

[Lemor Abrams, CBS13]

EL DORADO COUNTY — Ballots were mailed out weeks ahead of Election Day for early voting, but one voter found a surprise in her mailbox — a second ballot.

Darrelyn Patton received the two ballots in the mail within a couple weeks of renewing her driver’s license at the DMV. But she’s been registered to vote in El Dorado County for 40 years.

“I thought this is really wrong. I’m registered twice now. Why didn’t El Dorado County catch that?” Patton said.

The County Registrar’s Office says it takes its cues from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Eligible voters are automatically registered when they apply for, or renew, a driver’s license or identification card with the DMV unless they choose to “opt out.”

“So she got two ballots, nobody’s denying that. However, the first ballot we receive is the ballot that counts,” said County Recorder Bill Schultz...