Weekend getaway to Jenkinson Lake

[Tom Stienstra, San Francisco Chronicle]

Jenkinson Lake at Sly Park Recreation Area has boating, fishing, and camping. At 3,500 feet, it’s near Pollock Pines.
Photo: Tom Stienstra, Tom Hedtke / Special to The Chronicle

What you see: The scene was gorgeous last week at Sly Park: a full lake ringed by conifers, a few boats sprinkled across the water along with a handful of kayaks and powerboats. From the dam looking east, you could see a few islands that front the lake’s main body, backed on the horizon by the Sierra crest. Jenkinson Lake is the centerpiece for Sly Park Recreation Area. The lake is 640 acres, small enough to provide a feeling of intimacy and pretty campsites, big enough for boating, fishing and water sports.

Location: Jenkinson Lake is near Pollock Pines ...