Welcome Home - El Dorado County Veterans Monument

by Placerville Newswire / Jun 09, 2018 / comments


Plans to place bronze statuary at the El Dorado County Veterans Monument were revealed Monday at Memorial Day ceremonies conducted there by Friends of the Veterans Monument (FVM), the volunteer veterans group that manages ceremonies at and improvements to the facility.

Called "Welcome Home," the statuary depicts two veterans in fatigues returning from duty. Joyfully running toward them is a Labrador Retriever, representing the joy family and friends have upon the return of their service man or woman.

Standing is a life-sized male figure wearing fatigues similar to those worn by the U.S. Army, Air Force and Marine Corps. A kneeling and broadly smiling female figure with outstretched arms is dressed in fatigues like those worn by the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

"This will be one of a few veterans monuments that depict a female warrior as an equal to her male counterpart, and represents today's Armed Forces, where men and women serve, side by side," said Gary Campbell, FVM's president.

Artist Rip Caswell, famed for his portrayals of military themes and figures (MacArthur, Nimitz), will sculpt the statuary based on the concept which was conceived by FVM.

"Welcome Home will represent the welcome that some never got, but which through the statuary will never end," said Campbell. "Response to the Welcome Home concept on Monday was very gratifying. Many attendees of the Memorial Day ceremonies expressed approval, and within an hour of announcing the start of our campaign to raise funds to create and place the sculptures, we received our first donation."

FVM's objective is to raise $200,000 through private contributions and sponsorships. "It's a big number, but casting figures in bronze is expensive and we veterans know how to reach our objectives," Campbell said.