What to do about unsafe drivers?

by Placerville Newswire / Jun 23, 2019 / comments


"I don’t know if it’s the nicer weather that is bringing out all the crazier drivers on SPR, but praying everyone gets to their destinations safely. Just almost got taken out by a newer champagne or taupe colored Tahoe that crossed over to our side of the road (person was eating and speeding). Stay safe and Happy Sunday"  writes Kerryann Combs

Pam Haskins responds: "There are things we can do.. yes a wee bit of work but... 

1. If you call in speeders/ negligents we get more CHP attention.

2. If you get plates (safely) and go to CHP Placerville, it’s a 2 minute form and they will contact the “offenders” and have a discussion with them.

3. And again, areas are noted and we see more enforcement. 

4. A few minutes of your time does a lot. Gets the word out that it’s not cool in our area, that we will deal with you (appropriately), gets enforcement attention, gets county attention via enforcement records and meetings with them that we have a problem and keeps us safe. 

5. May help enforcement funding for our area as we are documenting from many sources our issues."

This is a powerful tool for reporting serious dangerous driving so don't clog the system up with less serious crimes littering and such.  Want to get the truly dangerous drivers off the road, than let the system work by only calling in the more serious crimes.

Officer "Rob" reminds us:

-- It is not recommended that you make a complaint for every driver that does something stupid. That is all day long.

-- The complaints we follow up with the most are roadways that see constant dangerous driving and consistently problematic motorists. (That kid that drives recklessly in your neighborhood every day).

-- We also send warnings to school bus red light runners and crossing guard runners. 

-- There are other situations that may warrant it and are looked at on a case by case basis. Because we don’t want to bother someone over one driving infraction or a pissing match between drivers. Believe it or not, we get “revenge” reports.

-- Of course, this applies to the non-emergency complaints. If you see dangerous driving/possible DUI happening, call 911. 

-- What may be easier is to email a description and any photos to 245CRO@chp.ca.gov  You may also call our office at 530-622-1110 for a non-emergency traffic complaint.

"I look at every one of them and determine what can be done. Every effort is made to show up to each location to investigate the problem. Time and workload permitting. Sometimes it take a bit to get out there." Local Law Enforement Officer Rob...