Winery Owner Dave Pratt Announces that he is a Candidate for District 2 Supervisor

by Placerville Newswire / Mar 18, 2016 / comments

Fair Play winery and vineyard owner Dave Pratt has announced that he is a candidate for the El Dorado County Supervisor, District 2 seat to be decided on the June 7 Primary election ballot.

Pratt, 57, identified the need for improved representation, ramping up efforts to enhance the agricultural-tourism foundation of the District 2 economy, protect the district from crime and wildfire, spending tax dollars wisely and ensuring our roads are maintained in District 2 as his top priorities.

Pratt drew attention to what he has heard of the lack of representation for so much of the sprawling largely rural district that runs from Cameron Park south to the Amador County line.

“Each of the dozens of unique communities within District 2 deserves fair and equal representation, not just one specific area,” Pratt said. “To be an effective supervisor one needs to reach out and engage all residents in their own community and listen and act on their specific concerns. That’s my goal, better representation.”

Pratt also said the increase in crime in El Dorado County is a serious concern for District 2 residents.

Noting that the enactment of controversial criminal justice reform polices — AB 109 Prison Realignment and Proposition 47 — have led to increases in crime statewide and in El Dorado County.

“Public safety is my highest priority and I will ensure that our sheriff gets all the tools and manpower he needs to keep District 2 residents safe,” Pratt said. “Make no mistake, I will be the most vocal advocate on the Board of Supervisors for our Sheriff’s Department.”

As a vineyard owner and winery operator in District 2, Pratt said that agricultural tourism is the most important component of the District 2 economy and as a supervisor he will ramp up county efforts to protect and preserve its unique character.

“District 2 is home to some of the finest vineyards and agricultural land in El Dorado County and tourists have discovered its high quality wine, fruit and scenic beauty,” the candidate said. Attracting tourists to our agricultural-based District 2 is imperative.”

Pratt also said the condition of county roads in District 2 is a serious problem on which he would place more attention.

“I want the county to pay more attention to District 2’s roads, many of which are located in the rural and semi-rural areas and lack consistent funding needed for routine maintenance and safety upgrades,” he explained.

Pratt said he would also be on the lookout for waste and inefficiency in spending tax dollars.

“As a business owner, I am experienced at keeping a sharp pencil out for waste and investing in long-term efficiencies and I will bring that know-how to protect our local tax dollars, too,” Pratt said. “I want to ensure our most serious priorities get the resources they need to get the job done on time and within budget.”

Pratt noted his long track record of volunteer involvement in the county with organizations that enhance the quality of life, including the El Dorado County Farm Bureau, the Fair Play Winery Association and the Pleasant Valley Grange Fire Safe Council. Pratt also served nearly seven years on the El Dorado County Planning Commission and four years on the El Dorado County Agricultural Commission.

Dave and his wife Kim have been married for 28 years and have two children and four grandchildren.

The District 2 contest will feature two candidates on the June primary ballot, Pratt and the current incumbent who was elected in a September 2014 special election to fill the seat vacated by Ray Nutting. Because only two candidates will appear on the June 7 ballot for this seat, should the first place finisher earn more than 50 percent of all votes cast in the District 2 contest, that candidate would win the seat outright without the need for a November runoff.