WINTER DRIVING IS HERE - on Busiest Travel Time of Year

by Placerville Newswire / Nov 25, 2019 / comments

[CHP – Placerville]

And it will hit hard and fast, on the busiest travel time of the year.

This is the first significant storm of the season. With that comes slick roads at all elevations. 

Make sure you have sufficient tread depth on your tires and they are properly inflated. Check your wipers and fluid reservoir, especially if traveling in the snow, you will need to clean that windshield.

If you must travel over US-50 through the snow, a few things to remember;

1. It is not recommended you do so.
2. If you do, carry chains and know how to install them before getting on the mountain. Do NOT stop in the road to chain up.
3. If you don’t have chains, purchase them before you head up. Once you pass the city of Placerville, there are limited options. CalTrans does not sell them.
4. If you are counting on the fact that you have a 4x4/AWD car, make sure you have snow rated tires. The MINIMUM tread depth is 6/32. Regular road tires won’t cut it.  Chain and tire information-

5. Have plenty of food, water and warm clothing. Have a way to charge your phone and even a mini shovel. 
6. DRESS WARM! don’t wait til you are stuck in the snow to change out of your flip flops.

EXPECT DELAYS! It may take several extra hours. Once you are past Placerville, there are no alternate routes. Don’t follow your gps onto residential streets to bypass 50. You won’t make it anywhere. If you do venture off 50, please be respectful of the locals. Don’t use their yards as a toilet or trash can. Unfortunately we have to say this.

Please be patient, be prepared and be excellent to each other.