Without Proper Funding, Road Maintenance in El Dorado County at Standstill

by Placerville Newswire / Feb 16, 2017 / comments


EL DORADO COUNTY -- All the storms we've seen this winter have left their impact on roads in the foothills. In southern El Dorado County, many are complaining little's being done to repair potholes and mudslides. But the county said the money's just not there.
Roads have potholes, mudslides and even sinkholes. Things are so bad on some southern area roads that they been shut down.

"A lot of road infrastructure issues that not only happen during the rain but then been kind of building up before that," said Mark Almer, who lives in Grizzly Flats, and is one of about fifty people who attended a county town hall at Mountain Creek Middle School to discuss what's being done. "A lot of people are inconvenienced because a couple of main roads are shut down and that's their way to get to grocery stores and things like that. We need to make sure that these things get fixed, especially before wildfire season hits and, God forbid, if we ever had to evacuate."

"We're planning on doing some road maintenance but unfortunately, due to the funding and our budget, it did not happen," said District 2 County Supervisor Shiva Frentzen, adding the county is trying to lobby funds from the state and federal government. "Unfortunately, things are not moving quickly."

In the meantime ambulances, fire crews and police are having to take the long way around. But the county's Office of Emergency Services is sending out updates on their digital mapping systems.

"Say one of our local roads gets a slide on it, our Department of Transportation, or us, or Highway Patrol gets out there, we confirm the slides there; we can instantly go to the map, mark the road and it shows there's something going on on that road," said El Dorado County Sheriff Lt. Jim Byers, who runs the County's Office of Emergency Services.

Byers said the county was included on President Trump's California Disaster Declaration issued Tuesday to help communities affected by flooding and mudslides. But it's unclear how long that money will take to be used on projects such as fixing these southern roads.