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News is definitely not what it used to be.

From the traveling troubadour who sang you the news while you sipped your ale to the 24-hour news station taking a break only for commercials, the way reporters deliver and the way people receive the news has changed immeasurably over the centuries.

But now, despite the existence of the internet, 24-hour talk radio and news television channels, it seems harder to get a real handle on the news then ever. All this technology should mean that the world would have access to more news than ever before. Instead, it just means the news you want is harder to find in an ever increasingly cluttered world. 

PR Pond, the new press service and journalist network, aims to change all that for the better.  It aims specifically to report in a quick and concise manner bringing together traditional media sources with one of the most neglected and overlooked sector of the news, small and localized news and events.

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